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Custom molding knives are ground fast, with blazing 1-2 day turn arounds. At our main objective is to offer choice. We focus on providing a huge selection of moulding knife patterns in a wide array of steels, alloys & carbide to fit all your trim manufacturing needs.

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Knife Grinding Service. ... " Here is an example of pricing for a custom knife order: a moulding that is 2 1/2" wide and has a depth of profile of 1/2" would equal 2 1/2" of steel plus 3/4" (10mm on each end for axial) times 2 knives. That would equal 6" of steel at 2" x $20.00 per inch in M2.

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From barn doors to custom cabinets, wood moulding, or wall moulding, our Custom Millwork shops can grind custom knives to match historic restoration profiles or produce a one-of-a-kind product to match your unique style.

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Upon your request we will proceed to grinding a set of knives specifically for your job. New Knives. Step 4: Mill Work. We mill your job to exacting standards in our moulding eqipment. ... We provide standard and custom wood molding of all sizes, species and applications. Molding Profile Catalog. Get our Molding Profile Catalog. Click to ...

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Custom Knife Polishing uses an abrasive glued to a wheel, while buffing uses a loose abrasive applied to a wheel. Polishing is a more aggressive process while buffing is less harsh and offers a smoother, brighter finish. Hyde has been grinding products for well over 125 years. From manually operated grinding wheels to overhead belt driven ...

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Interior trim work need not be common or ordinary. Architectural trim should be expressive and exude the character of a house or building. With our in house custom Knife grinding capabilities Swift Sure Milling & Mouldings can help you discover how to enrich, define, and add beauty and style to any space.

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Specializing in tooling for moulders and profile grinders. Moulder heads, knifestock, grinding wheels, diamond and cbn wheels, jointer stones, templates, feed rollers, diamondback knives.

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All knives are made with high quality M2-M3 knife stock. Precision ground and balanced with your desired hook angle. We also grind both ends of the knives square which allows for a more precise setup in your cutter heads. They come with a CAD drawing of your finished moulding profile. All the setup information is provided as well such as in ...

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Got a moulding order for a new profile and you need to make the knives? Don't hand the profile to your grinding room; hand it to Hot Knives and let us take care of it for you. We will quickly send your grinding room a grinding template and a set of profiled knives ready for finish-grinding. Your knife grinder starts already 90% completed.

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Lets Do an Example for our knife grinding service. We'll use a 2 1/4" custom casing moulding with a 1/2" depth of cut. The knife will measure 3/4" wider than the wood sample to accommodate axial constants/parting legs. A ). 2 1/4 + 3/4 = 3 inches of knife steel.

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Custom Profiled Planer, Moulder. Great prices and fast 1-2 day turn arounds are the basis of our custom grinding program. We use only the highest quality steels and carbides, and finish grind with State of the Art precision profile grinder for a product you can trust! We service almost all machines.

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SET of 2 Molding Knives for Astragal WM-133 (Profile Width: 1-3/4'') for Williams&Hussey and similar machines (COPY TEST) SET of 2 Molding Knives for Astragal WM-133 (Profile Width: 1-3/4'') (Picture above shows the wood pr.. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. (USD) $103.50.

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We specialize in custom moulding knives for Weinig,Woodmaster, Williams and Hussey, Shop Fox, Powermatic, Jet, RBI, SCMi, Wadkin, Kentwood, Leadermac, and Grizzly moulders. Oella's Custom Grinding Service offers product layout, template and knife production by Weinig trained technicians.

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Extra Phones. Fax: (410) 366-6205 Services/Products. Custom Wood cutting tools, Router Bits, Saw Blades, Moulder Knives, Shaper Knives, Shaper Cutters, Grinding Supplies, Cutter Heads, Carbide Inserts, Feed Rollers

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Grinding the Razor Sharp Knives that will Carve your Custom Moulding. The first step in creating custom moulding is to grind the knives that will be used by the moulder to actually mill your custom moulding. We hand grind knives using the Kentwood Knife Grinder. And through a series of steps each knife is cut, shaped and polished to match your ...

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For a quickie molding match job, trace the outline of a molding profile onto the knife steel with a sharp #2 pencil. Grind to the line at the proper clearance angle with 1/4" or thinner wheels. For a typical 3" crown knife, it takes me two hours or so from start to ready to cut wood. I use a planer style molder and I have about $250.00 tied up ...

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In-House Knife Grinding. Custom pattern knife grinding is done on site by a true craftsman. When provided a sample of pre-existing material Littrell has always been able to match it exactly. This is made possible in part by meticulous grinding, grading, and molding choices.

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Our moulder processes about 4,700 ft per day on 2 shifts and we do about 20 set ups per day. We grind our own moulder knives, and currently have over 5,000 knives in stock. You can find PDF and DWG files here. We can make any custom profile in virtually any wood species and prefinish with a clear coat or double prime finish.

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This time includes cutting the knife stock, squaring the stock, balancing the stock, inserting it into the head (2 knives), grinding and being ready for the moulder. For example, when I ran the Grinderman's Association trade school, each student would grind on at least 3 grinders and set up the moulder 5 …

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Sep 02, 2021· Molding Knives and Custom Moulding Cutters. History is our Quality: (MKD) has been manufacturing molding knives in the USA since 1978.; Primarily as an OEM Supplier we have produced over 200,000 stock and custom knives.; We were the first company to utilize abrasive waterjet cutting to produce CNC knives.; We use the best Template …

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At K & S Moulding, we stand behind the workmanship of our product . If you have any issue or concern, please contact Ron Kanagy immediately and we will make it right. Call: 301-750-4540. Serving contractors, custom home builders, historic restoration experts, and do …

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Quality Molding Knives. For over 30 years Woodmaster has been one of America's largest manufacturers of molding knives. While most of the molding knives we make are for Woodmaster machines, we also make molding knives to fit a variety of machines including Grizzly, Weinig, Delta, Busy Bee, General, King, Powermatic, Logosol, RBI, Belsaw and Williams and Hussey.

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Custom Moulder and Shaper Knives : Made-to-order HSS knives are the most economical way to match moulding profiles or custom designs that are not available as stock profiles from wood moulding distributors. Typical cost of custom knife pairs is between $95.00 and $150.00 depending on the dimensions of the profile.

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Welcome to ILMA-US Welcome to ILMA-US Welcome to ILMA-US. "In cooperation with ILMA Innovation Systems, we offer what I believe is the finest knife steel available". - Jim Stevens. email: [email protected] phone: 508-295-5280. Welcome to ILMA-US. Welcome to ILMA-US Welcome to ILMA-US Welcome to ILMA-US.

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Custom Molding Knives Fast! At 90%, or more of the knives we grind are custom. We have the whole process down to a science. We can teach your company some super easy techniques for submitting custom moldings in a flash, and extremely accurate as well. No more drawing and faxing! Submit 5 custom moldings in less than a ...

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The Process of Grinding a Custom Moulding knife As we mentioned earlier, the first step in creating your moulding is to create the knives that will be used to mill the moulding. While referring to your moulding style pattern, we prepare the required pieces of hardened steel that will be carefully ground into knives.

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At Custom Moulding Knives our knives are precision ground on state. of the art equipment in order to get you the best results possible. Knives are ground in sets of 2 and are balanced to within .1 gram of. each other in weight. Modifications of profiles are allowed but at an additional cost of 20.00. per profile.