Business group
since 1930.

Corporate group that has its roots in the success of Los Serranos group, a company set up in Elche in 1930 by Vicente Serrano Tarí, which initially focused on the exploitation of quarries and paving roads in the south of the country, and which, after a significant amount of hard work, effort and dedication became one of the leading national builders and property developers.

Over time and after the great successes achieved, its partners, Antonio Serrano Aznar (currently the ASA Group) and José Serrano Aznar (currently the Josman Group), decided to join forces and set up a new company, in order to take on new challenges and make the most of new business opportunities. That is when Nou Mediterrani, S.A. was created, which is now the parent company of a booming business group that is involved in different branches of business that range from leisure, catering and hospitality, to the rental and management of all kinds of personal and real property.

Leisure, Catering and Hospitality.

Owners of the open-air shopping centre of Gran Alacant, located in the terminal district of Santa Pola (Alicante). It is built on more than 15.000 m2 and there are now more than 50 business premises and shops, which include well known firms such as Mercadona, Jysk, Marvimundo, Valentín Sánchez, Euronics, American Rock Bar, Lavadero Serrali, Banco Santander, KFC, Burger King and Foster’s Hollywood, Quiron Salud, Tagliatella among others.

Owners of the new 4 star Hotel AJ in Gran Alacant, which is in a strategic location with easy access into the city of Alicante and the terminal district of Santa Pola, it is close to the airport and beaches that have been awarded 5 blue flags, it has been designed in line with sustainability and energy efficiency criteria, which sets standards that are far higher than those currently established by law. At the moment it is run by the SH hotel chain, its service is renowned for guaranteeing the comfort and well-being of each of our customers. It has 106 rooms, 120 parking spaces, leisure and dining areas, as well as a swimming pool, terrace-bar, and a rooftop solarium.

C. C. Gran alacant

Car Parks

Owners of different properties used as car parks, both short-stay and rental parking spaces that provide a safe and quality service for users.

We have 110 parking spaces that we rent in the district of Altábix (Elche), near Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche and the Juan Ángel Romero sports complex.

We have more than 150 parking spaces (short-stay and rental) in the terminal district of  Ceutí (Murcia). We have more than 120 parking spaces (short-stay and rental) in the terminal  district of Santa Pola, located in the basement of the Hotel AJ Gran Alacant, which is next to the Gran Alacant shopping centre.

Parking Ceutí Murcia

Parking Elche

Parking AJ hotel