Every week the show offers; Sevillanas, rumbas, alegrías, bulerías, classic Spanish and an endless number of flamenco styles.

In our wonderful room, we offer live music events, which include musical genres such as: Live jazz, rumbas, sevillanas, among others. The space is ideal for any type of show and the acoustics are unbeatable.

Enjoy a traditional gastronomic tour accompanied by the most popular art in our country, flamenco. A sensory experience where taste, sight, smell and hearing will play in our favor with a unique staging. Carlos Miguel and his ballet Desafío Flamenco delight us each time with a show of sevillanas and rumbas where the magic of flamenco will make even the most skeptical stand up.

You are all invited to participate and be part of this unique experience.

Fall in love with our most racial side where bulerías, rumbas and Sevillanas,
accompanied by our tasting menu, will take you to another place.